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MAC's Educational Training Platform Will Take Your Trading Skills To The Next Level No Matter If You're A Beginner Or Advanced Trader


Live Training Classroom

We have live trading sessions weekly. Learn how to read the charts in live market conditions.

Live Forex Signals

Daily trade alerts that you can copy and paste until you gain self confidence.

Hand Free Auto Trader

No time to trade for yourself? As a member you may sign up for our auto trader and let the professionals trade your account for you.

Daily Chart Analysis

Receive daily emails regarding what is going on in the markets and what to look for before making your decisions.

Proven Strategies Ready For Use

Learn our proven strategies that we use on a daily basis in our market research.

Access To Our Mastermind Group

Join our community of members and discuss new strategies, share results, or just make new friends.

24/7 Support

Any and all questions regarding the training modules will be answered in our community group or by emailing admin.

Advanced Training

Learn how to put everything together to the point where looking at the charts and executing winning trades are second nature.